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United States Five Cents

The five cent piece has been minted since 1866. Colonel E.H.R. Green from Bellows Falls, VT (just down the road from us) at one time owned all five of the known 1913 Liberty ā€œVā€ Nickels. Until recently, one of these coins sold for the highest price ever paid for a United States coin. There are seven major types of five cent pieces:

  • Shield-Rays 1866 to 1867
  • Shield-No Rays 1867 to 1883
  • Liberty No Cents 1883
  • Liberty with Cents 1883 to 1912
  • Buffalo with Mound 1913
  • Buffalo without Mound 1913 to 1938
  • Jefferson 1938 to Present

Personal Note: I love well struck, golden toned Buffalos!

Three Random Coins
Buffalo Nickel 1913 - S Type 1

Washington Quarter 1947 - S

Kennedy Half Dollar 1973 - S

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