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United States Half Cents

The Half Cent is the lowest denomination coin struck by the United States Mint. The coin was minted between 1793 and 1857 with five major types:

  • Flowing Hair 1793
  • Liberty Cap 1794 to 1797
  • Draped Bust 1800 to 1808
  • Classic Head 1809 to 1835
  • Coronet 1840 to 1857

Personal Note: I love the 1804 "Spiked Chin" variety. I am not a big collector of error/variety coins, but I have owned quite a few Spiked Chins. The coin is dramatic and easily identifiable. There are also quite a few out there, so the coin is relatively affordable.

Three Random Coins
Barber Quarter 1893 - O

Buffalo Nickel 1916 - D

Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1938 - D

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