Barber Half Dollar

1892- Barber Half Dollar F12

Barber Half Dollar
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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions and answers.
What are United States Half Dollars?
United States Half Dollars are coins with a face value of 50 cents or half a dollar. They have been minted in various designs and compositions throughout history. Half Dollars are larger and thicker than dimes and quarters, and they are often sought after by both collectors and silver investors.
What are some notable series of United States Half Dollars?
There have been several notable series of United States Half Dollars. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar, minted from 1916 to 1947, is widely admired for its beautiful design featuring Lady Liberty striding toward the sunrise. Another famous series is the Franklin Half Dollar, produced from 1948 to 1963, which displays a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. Additionally, the Kennedy Half Dollar, introduced in 1964, features President John F. Kennedy on the obverse and the presidential seal on the reverse.
Do United States Half Dollars have any collectible or valuable varieties?
Yes, there are certain collectible or valuable varieties of United States Half Dollars. For example, the 1970-D Kennedy Half Dollar, which was only produced in limited numbers for collectors, can be quite valuable. Additionally, certain Half Dollars with minting errors or unique characteristics, such as doubled dies or low mintage numbers, can also command higher prices among collectors. It is recommended to consult coin pricing guides or seek the assistance of reputable coin dealers or numismatic experts to determine the specific value of a United States Half Dollar in your possession

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