Large Cents

The United States Large Cent was a coin that was minted from 1793 to 1857. It was one of the earliest official coins produced by the United States Mint. The Large Cent was larger in size compared to the modern penny and was made of pure copper.

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Numerical Grade
Adjectival Description
About Good: Design details are flat and appear in outline. Portions of the rim are lost to wear.
4, 6
Good: Design details are flat and visible in outline. Some portions of the design may be faint.
8, 10
Very Good: Heavy wear flattens design elements, although major features are clearly outlined.
12, 15
Fine: Moderate wear on many elements with heavy wear on high points. Major design elements remain visible.
20, 25, 30, 35
Very Fine: Major details of the coin are clear although wear is evident; the high points show moderate wear.
40, 45
Extremely Fine: Design features are well defined, although light wear is evident throughout.
50, 53, 55, 58
About Uncirculated: Traces of light wear are evident on the high points of the coin's design.
Mint State: A coin that shows no wear or evidence of circulation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to popular questions: Explore our FAQ Section.
How much is a United States Large Cent coin worth?
The value of a United States Large Cent coin can vary greatly depending on factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand from collectors. Common dates and heavily circulated coins may have a lower value, typically ranging from a few dollars to tens of dollars. However, rare dates or coins in exceptional condition can command significantly higher prices, potentially reaching thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars at auction.
Where can I buy United States Large Cent coins?
United States Large Cent coins can be purchased from various sources. Coin dealers and numismatic shops often carry a selection of these coins, both in physical stores and online. Online marketplaces and auction websites can also be good places to find Large Cents. Additionally, coin shows and conventions are popular venues where collectors and dealers gather, offering an opportunity to buy or trade for Large Cents.
How can I determine the authenticity of a United States Large Cent coin?
Authenticating a United States Large Cent coin requires careful examination and knowledge of the coin's characteristics. Some steps to determine authenticity include checking for the correct weight and dimensions, examining the design details for consistency with genuine examples, and conducting a magnet test (as genuine Large Cents are not attracted to magnets). It is advisable to consult reputable coin dealers, professional grading services, or numismatic experts who can provide further guidance and authentication services to ensure the legitimacy of the coin.
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